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The Board of Trustees is a fiduciary board entrusted with preserving the philosophy of Christian education upon which Lansing Christian School was founded. It is the responsibility of the Board to approve long-term strategic plans and to hold the Head of School accountable for mission advancement and operational decisions. The Trustees come from a variety of backgrounds and are drawn together by a shared desire to use their gifts and abilities to glorify God through Christian education. Please pray regularly for the Board of Trustees and their leadership investment in the continued ministry of Lansing Christian School.

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Meet the Board

Board member David Tamara Cutler

Tamara Cutler, President
Term: 2014-2017
Tamara and her husband, Jeff, have two children, both of whom attend Lansing Christian. Having recently retired from FORTUNE 500 company Stryker Corporation where she held the position of Vice President of Public Affairs & Social Responsibility, Tamara comes to the Board with extensive experience in sales, marketing, and communications. She is grateful for the foundation that her children have received at Lansing Christian and serves on the board because she values the mission of the school. “Christian education provides an excellent academic experience, coupled with a focus on nurturing faith and preparing students for their futures.” Tamara and her family attend Trinity Church in Lansing.

Board member Brad Banasik

Brad Banasik, Secretary
Term: 2015-2018
Brad grew up in Watervliet, Michigan, and moved to the Lansing area to attend law school. He and his wife, MaryJo, have two daughters. Brad feels blessed that his daughters are able to attend Lansing Christian and learn from teachers who love the Lord and their students. He really appreciates how the Lansing Christian curriculum integrates Christian principles into all subjects and aspects of learning, preparing students to apply and live by these same principles after graduation. Brad currently serves as Legal Counsel and Director of Labor Relations for the Michigan Association of School Boards. He and his family are members of River Terrace Church.

Board member Stephanie Buchalski

Stephanie Buchalski
Term: 2016-2019
Stephanie and her husband, Nate, have three children attending Lansing Christian. She appreciates how the school presents everything from a God-centered world view while working to develop the God-given abilities of every child. A native Michigander, Stephanie grew up in the Mt. Pleasant area and graduated from Michigan State University’s College of Engineering with a degree in civil engineering. She currently works as an estimator for Granger Construction Company. Stephanie serves on the Board because she’s passionate about making Lansing Christian better and stronger for future generations. “I value the time and effort put into our school by every individual, and I would like to be a part of helping those individuals do their jobs to glorify God through our school.”

Board Chairperson Gillian Granger

Gillian (Lipsey) Granger
Term: 2014-2017
A proud alumna of Lansing Christian, Gillian considers it a tremendous blessing to have received a Chrisitian education and is truly thankful to her parents for the sacrifices that they made to send her. She and her husband, Todd, have four children who attend Lansing Christian. An experienced educator, she values the way that the Christian faith is intentionally integrated into every facet of the day by excellent teachers who are dedicated to preparing students to love God and serve Him. Gillian is passionate that Lansing Christian continue to offer education that is faith-forming, academically rigorous, and culturally relevant. “I am honored to serve on the Board. Healthy governance enables a school to advance its mission for God’s glory, and I am grateful to be a part of that important work.”

Board Member Ken Howard

Ken Howard, Treasurer
Term: 2014-2017
Ken and his wife, Kim, have two children who attend Lansing Christian. He serves on the Board because he wants to help the school achieve its mission. “As a former student of a Christian school, I very much appreciate the things I learned at a young age that still stick with me today. I gained an understanding of how God is involved in every aspect of life and every subject that we learn.” Ken holds degrees in finance and accounting and has been with D.A. Rainsberger for more than 17 years, working with small businesses and individuals on tax and accounting issues. He and his family attend South Church in Lansing.

Dave Tebben
Term: 2016-2019
An alumnus of Western Christian High School in Hull, Iowa and Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa, Dave understands the importance of Christian education first hand. “A Christian school is a wonderful environment to learn and develop in.” Gratitude for what Lansing Christian has meant to his children and a desire to see the school continue glorify God by advancing its mission is why Dave serves on the Board. Dave is president of K and H Cutting, a full service concrete cutting company located in Lansing. He and his wife, Marlene, attend South Church with their three children.

Board member Eric Vanden Bosch

Eric Vanden Bosch
Term: 2015-2018
Eric and his wife, Kerrie, have three sons who attend Lansing Christian. Eric has a degree in church education from Kuyper College and is a former youth pastor. He has been a stay-at-home Dad for about eight years. Eric attended a Christian school throughout his upbringing and has experienced first-hand how Christian schooling can help prepare students for a life of faithfulness and service. He and his family attend South Church in Lansing.

Board Member Rina Woodland

Rina (Pizzo) Woodland
Term: 2015-2018
A proud of alumna of Lansing Christian, Rina values the loving teachers, the close-knit community, the excellent education, and the way that God and His relationship with his people are integrated into every subject area. Rina and her husband, Dan, have four children, all of whom began attending Lansing Christian in preschool. With a background in mortgage banking and customer service, Rina serves on the board because she is passionate about Lansing Christian and wants to give back to the Lansing Christian community. Rina and her family attend Meridian Christian Church in Okemos.

Board member Lori Wortz

Lori Wortz
Term: 2016-2019
An alumna of Southfield Christian High School, Christ for the Nations, and the University of Michigan, Lori values Christian education because she believes that all truth is God’s truth. She and her husband, Bill, have four children who attend Lansing Christian. “I greatly value their education being founded on the truths established in God’s word. In addition, during their early years, being part of a Christian school community where our values are shared and reinforced is something that I believe helps prepare them to enter a world understanding their purpose and ready to serve.” Lori is a partner at WWP Strategies, a public relations and policy advocacy firm. She serves on the Board because she’s seen her children benefit from Lansing Christian, and she believes it’s her turn to give something back.

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