Enrollment and
Re-enrollment for
the 2016/17 school
year is now open!

Re-Enrollment – Existing families re-enroll every year. The re-enrollment process is unique to private schools. The purpose of re-enrollment is to inform leadership of anticipated enrollment numbers for 2016-17 for optimal decision making in regards to academic program, course offerings and scheduling, and retaining and recruiting excellent teachers.

Enrollment – New families must first complete the application process to enroll.

Enrolling or re-enrolling only takes 5 minutes. To be sure that your child is able to enroll at Lansing Christian School, it is in your best interest to enroll early. We expect some of the grades will be full and enrollment will be “capped.”

Enrollment/Re-enrollment Checklist

1. Each existing Lansing Christian family will use their user name and password from last year’s enrollment contract. New families for 2016-17 will use the username and password that they used in the application process. If you need assistance with this, contact Mary Dunsmore, Director of Business and Finance, at mdunsmore@lansingchristianschool.org
2. Every family needs to complete the online enrollment contract for each student in their family. There is a $100 nonrefundable tuition deposit payable with credit card and due with each student. After April 15 there is an additional $50 service charge per student. Tuition will be calculated through the end of the current semester for early withdrawal once school has begun.
3. In June you will receive an invoice statement emailed to you from FACTS Management Company. The invoice from FACTS will include the variable tuition awards and reflect the deposit that was paid during the enrollment process. Your payment plan will default to the same as you had chosen in the 2015-2016 school year. If you would like to change the payment arrangements, please contact the Main office after you receive the statement but before July 1. If you have not had a payment plan before, instructions on how to set up payment options are included on the FACTS invoice and FACTS website.