Tuition and Fees


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2015-16 Tuition

Tuition rates include class dues, class fees and preschool through 8th grade field trips.

Little Pilgrims Daycare = Cost varies by times/days enrolled. Click here for more information.  

Preschool for 3's, 2 half days per week = $1,440
Preschool for 4's and 5's, 3 half days or 2 extended days per week = $2,070
Kindergarten Every Other Day = $4,580
Kindergarten Every Day & Grades 1-5 = $6,800
Grades 6-8 = $7,800
Grades 9-12 = $8,330
International students: $9,000

See Financial Assistance page for information about Multi Child Grants and other Scholarships and Grant programs.

Additional Fees

  • Application Fee: $50 per new student covers the cost of processing and testing
  • International Student Fee: $1,500 nonrefundable upfront application fee per international student (90% will be refunded if we do not accept the application).
  • Enrollment Fee: $230 per family. After March 16, $50 service charge per student to enroll.

Payment Options:

Total financial obligation will be invoiced by FACTS in June of 2015. When the invoice is received, payment arrangements need to be made with FACTS at by July 1 to avoid late fees. Instructions on how to set up the payment options are included on the FACTS invoice and FACTS website.

•  Annual Payment: 2% Discount if payment received by July 1. Payment methods include Automatic Bank Payment (ACH), Credit Card, or Personal Check.
•  Semi-Annual Payment: Payment methods include ACH, Credit Card, or Personal Check (set up the plan with FACTS).
•  Monthly Payment: Payment methods include ACH or Credit Card (set up the plan with FACTS). Options include:
10 Month (starting September 5) 11 Month (starting August 5th or 20th) 12 Month (starting July 5th or 20th)
Note: Credit card payments will include a 2.75% convenience fee.