Spiritual Life

Service – Loving the World

by Tim Blamer

Service is not limited to a project or a week or a short trip, but is a way of living which stems from the outpouring of love that God has given to us to be shared with others. Service to others is at the heart of the vision at LCS. Jesus’ fundamental command to love God and to love others calls us to something greater than ourselves. We cannot follow his command if we are only concerned with our own lives because Jesus tells us to look outward to God and to those around us. To be Christ followers, to show his love to others, to be people who engage and transform for Jesus, is to recognize the brokenness in ourselves and all around us and respond to His call to bring shalom to the world.

At LCS, we seek to grow the hearts of our students to see the needs around them and creatively engage in service that will meet those needs. Our hope is that our students will develop empathy and a mindset that looks outside of themselves to the needs of others. The other might be a family member, a classmate, someone in their neighborhood or church, someone in their city, or someone farther away from their immediate surroundings.

We are excited to share stories of alumni who are living lives of service in the places to which God has called them. They are doing so in a variety of places and fields. We trust you will be inspired and blessed to see our vision being lived out. Click here to watch a video of how our alumni are engaging and transforming the world for Jesus Christ.

At the same time, we are raising up the next generation of Pilgrim leaders. At each level, we are equipping students, through the teaching and lives of our faculty, to develop their own heart for serving in God’s world. Our students are learning to serve within the school and throughout the Lansing community in partnership with area schools, churches, and organizations. We pray that, through the work of God, we will grow in our capacity to see needs and creatively serve others to His glory and for the life of His world.

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