Spiritual Life

2015-2016 school theme

Student in Lansing Christian School chapel with an open Bible on her lap

LCS Launches “Life Calling Bible Curriculum”

By Eric Thomas, High School Bible Teacher

Each of us has been created in the image of God. We have all been given strengths in order to glorify Him. Lansing Christian School is excited to offer a new curriculum to our 11th grade students that will equip them to use their gifts and talents to pursue God’s unique call for their lives.

The course, Introduction to Life Calling, will help students gain a perspective on God’s calling, design and purpose for their lives so they can make informed decisions about college and their future pursuits. The class will help students discover their unique design by God and the passions He has given them so they, in turn, can transform the world for Christ.

Lansing Christian School teacher Garrett Anderson

Exploring God’s Word and Creation

By Sheila Dykstra, Elementary Principal

What does it mean to truly know God? How can we glorify Him? These are the questions Garrett Anderson, LCS PE teacher, helped students wrestle with this summer during his Adventure Bike Camps.

Several elementary and middle school students participated in the camps, where they not only explored the beauty along the River Trail, but also dug deeper into God’s word. Each day the students gathered with their bikes and Bibles ready for the adventure ahead of them.

Traversing the trails and exploring some of Lansing’s favorite sites such as Hawk Island, Potter Park Zoo and Bake N’ Cakes gave the students an appreciation of what the city has to offer. More importantly, each day Mr. Anderson led the students in a Bible study. Throughout the week students had the opportunity to share their testimony with each other and learn what it means to know and glorify God.