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a day in the life

Lansing Christian School Photo Essay

Prepared for the Future

High schooler Emma shows how she is gaining skills to engage and transform the world for Jesus Christ in her life following Lansing Christian.

“I love everything about LCS – my community of friends, the flexibility of the teachers to help me and the rest of the students here,” Emma explains over a quick lunch break in her busy schedule. She has her sights set on two colleges to study English or music, but is also leaving the door open for her plans to change as she finishes high school at Lansing Christian School.

Counterclockwise from Left: Emma drives her brothers to school, heads up the stairs to the high school wing and goes to her locker to get her books and prepare her mind mentally for the day. Emma participates in many different activities besides her academic life and her day is going to be full.

Below: Emma stops to talk with her friends before class. “My friendships with Christ-followers encourages me. We lift each other up.”

Clockwise from Left: Chorale is focusing on practicing for the LCS musical A Year with Frog and Toad. Chorale is a favorite part of the day for this 11th grader. Starting the day with song and praise and worship “perks” her up.

Knowing God, loving His Word and living for Him is the foundation of everything at Lansing Christian.

Emma came to LCS in the middle of high school and realized that she had to rely on God and not people to make her happy and fulfilled. “I prayed more and my reliance was on Him. Now my classmates encourage me and hold me accountable.”

Pictures below: LCS engages students in an academically challenging environment. Emma’s schedule includes Math, British Literature, Chemistry and Bible. “I love Miss Somerville for English. She is so enthusiastic and makes me excited about English. But Mr. Tjarks has developed in me a love of history that I never had. He engages us in class through his storytelling.”

Left: Lunch gives students a time to recharge their bodies and minds. Emma laughs with friends as she enjoys a break from her classes.

In the afternoon, students have Guided Study. This time allows students to catch up on assignments and ask teachers any questions that may have come up while doing their homework. Unlike public schools, teachers are able to be vocal about their faith in front of students everyday. Many students, Emma included, feel a unique comfort with their teachers allowing them be open with them. Teachers, in turn, take an interest in the students and help them grow and recognize God’s will for their lives.

Emma picks up her little brother after school and gets ready for play practice. She has a lead in the LCS musical this year. Fine Arts are an important part of education at Lansing Christian. To prepare students to live lives of worship and service to God they need to understand, appreciate and develop the gifts God has given them and this includes so many of the beautiful arts He has created.

Emma feels that Lansing Christian is preparing her for her future. “I’m surrounded by Christians that are asking questions and building me up with a strong foundation. I know that my life after Lansing Christian will be different and challenging. But I have that strong foundation.”