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a day in the life

Lansing Christian School Photo Essay

A Nurtured Faith

Elementary at Lansing Christian is about encouraging, developing and building up children so that they can change the world for Jesus Christ. Ava allows us to see this in action in Mrs. Belanger’s 2nd grade class.

“I’m excited to get up in the morning because I look forward to many things at school.”

Clockwise from left-Ava focuses on “Wonder of the Day” where you ask questions and find answers. “It is supposed to warm up your brain and get your mind working.”

She works with friends on the iPad using Google Earth. They toured the White House with the technology and then worked with others to find addresses that were rural, suburban and urban.

Ava and her friends move to the floor to work on a math game “Beat the Calculator.” Students are challenged to work as a team to build motivation in learning and take responsibility for their actions and performance. Students set their own classroom rules where they commit to treat one another with respect.

Clockwise from left: Mrs. Belanger captivates the students with her reading, one of Ava’s favorite parts of the day. “Read-Aloud is where the teacher reads and you can listen or draw quietly. I love it!”

Ava prays while holding her Bible. Students are given Bibles in Kindergarten and they keep them throughout all of elementary school. Devotions are typically done mid-morning, just one of the many breaks in the day to pause and recognize God’s constant work in their lives.

Ava’s favorite school memory so far is meeting her friend, Ellie.

Elementary teachers are trained to create classroom environments were students can feel safe, are able to trust one another and know they are cared for and valued by not only their Creator, but by their teachers and other students.

Nurtured in Christian Community

Ava’s faith is nurtured by living and learning in Christian Community. Cultivating caring and respectful relationships is integral to every aspect of LCS life.

Ava gracefully lines up to prepare for lunch, recess and the rest of the day.

When asked about what she loves about Lansing Christian she says enthusiastically, “Friends!”

Besides the core subjects, Ava will participate in Music, Computers and Spanish throughout the week. Ava says she has grown in her faith by Chapel every week along with PAWS (Praise and Worship the Savior).

In Spanish class, Senora Velazquez asks students to name different parts of Ava’s clothing in Spanish.

Ava focuses on “Type to Learn” in Computer. Knowing technology will be a huge part of the world they enter into, Lansing Christian offers a safe and controlled environment to develop these skills.

Nurtured by Family

Lansing Christian desires to assist Ava’s parents in building a strong Christian foundation for her.

Students pick up their work from their mailbox and prepare to head home. Ava knows that whatever she learns in Mrs. Belanger’s class will go home with her. “We learn about serving others, like when our school donated things to a school in Sierra Leone. At home, we sponsor a child and learn to help others.”

Ava is picked up by her mom and brother and sisters. She has a snack with her family before working on her light homework with Mom. What is taught and nurtured at Lansing Christian is further cultivated at home with family.