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a day in the life

Lansing Christian School Photo Essay

Growing in Mind, Body and Faith

Middle school is a time of incredible growth and independence and at Lansing Christian School it is a time of transition to taking personal responsibility for your own learning. Max lets us walk with him through typical 8th grade day.

Who can remember their first day of school? Max can. It was his favorite school memory and it began in the lower elementary hallway on the first day of Kindergarten. Mrs. Herwaldt and all of his new classmates surrounded him and welcomed him to the school. “It may sound like such a little moment, but that impacted me and has been with me my whole time at LCS. Many of those little kids from Kindergarten are still my friends today. I love that I am still making new friends, getting to know them and growing with them.”

Chapel is an instrumental part of a student’s week. The messages are tailored to the student’s age and use scripture to encourage the students. “I love that we have different speakers and topics on Tuesdays at Chapel. The speakers give scripture and tie it to a story in their lives. It always applies to what I am going through and helps me with the bigger picture of things.”

God is the source of all truth, wisdom and knowledge at Lansing Christian. Science class is all about learning about the inner workings of the world that God created. “I asked my parents why they send me to LCS. They told me it is a place you can talk about God and your faith. Teachers are challenging and they want you to grow to achieve more. Their reasons are all the reasons that I love Lansing Christian too.”

Max listens happily, but intently to his favorite teacher, Mr. Hebden, during Social Studies. “He is very well studied and helpful. He really wants to help all his students and encourages asking questions. I am a better test-taker because of him.”

Growing in Christian Community

Middle school is an important time to grow healthy relationships. They are vital to classroom learning, personal growth and the strength of all the students at LCS. Teachers and staff encourage being “other-focused” to build empathy and confidence for student growth during these middle years.

Pictures from top: Max works with a friend in the hall on Social Studies.

He enjoys lunch with his peers.

Max writes short stories in Language Arts.

Pics: Language Arts short stories, Gym class and capture the flag. Max and his friends learn what Christian Community is by working together in “Family Group” time. End of the day chaos in the hallway.

Before heading home, Max ends his day with a Lacrosse Game. “I got a hat-trick against Holt.”

Max says he looks forward to high school where he has more options for classes, grades really count and sports are more intense. With the independence and the growth guided by his faith, family, friends and teachers from Middle School, he will no doubt be successful at the next level.