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Part-Time Classes at Lansing Christian School

Lansing Christian School Students enjoying Bible classLansing Christian School offers a homeschool incentive program for part-time students. Each student enrolling will receive 50% off tuition for their first part time class. Each family must apply, interview and be accepted into LCS before taking classes. All selections are based on space available. If we don’t have space for your class selections LCS will refund 90% of the application fee.

Complete all application items

  • Families who would like to apply to LCS should begin the application process by getting a user name and passwork through the online admissions inquiry form. Then click here for the online application.
  • Class Selection and Fee Schedule Form
  • Pastor Recommendation (included in the online application)
  • $75 application fee per new student covers the cost of processing and testing
  • Copy of the recent report card

Once all application items have been collected your application will be forwarded to the MS/HS Principal who will conduct a family interview. The Principal will then review the application and inform the parents of the admissions status.

Each part-time student family must complete 10 service hours per year. This encourages a partnership between Lansing Christian School and parents.

Please note: To compete on a Lansing Christian athletic team, they must attend 20 hours/week or be enrolled in 5 of 7 classes. Participation in extra curricular fine arts and performing groups is at the director/teacher’s discretion.