International Students

We welcome inquiries from International students (grades 9 – 11) who would like to enroll at Lansing Christian School. For the past several years, Lansing Christian School has welcomed International students into our school community. The reasons our school is attractive to International students include the quality of education we offer, more individual attention from teachers, the Christian environment, and the opportunity to experience American Culture and learn English. We issue I-20’s for diploma-seeking students. Tuition is $11,200 per year. To see our admission’s policy, click here. Admissions Procedures: Families who would like to apply to LCS should begin the application process by by clicking here for the online application. Deadline is May 31.

As part of the online application, the following documents will need to be submitted:

Step One – Application

Please read and follow all steps that are indicated including:

  • Student Questionnaire (9th -12th grade applicants)
  • Request for Records
  • Pastor’s Recommendation (one per family)
  • Teacher’s Recommendation (one for each applicant who has attended school)
  • Copy of the most recent report card and most recent standardized test scores (for High School student a transcript needs to be submitted)
  • TOEFL Jr. test is required. Results of TOEFL Jr. test must accompany the application.
  • $1500 application fee per new student student paid online with credit card
  • Copy of bank statement showing that funds are available to pay for student’s costs (tuition plus room and board for each year the student is planning to attend).
  • Be sure to complete the health insurance portion of the application. (Attach proof of health insurance)
  • Indicate if Lansing Christian School needs to obtain a Host Family.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for enrollment.

Step Two – Educational Consultation

After all of the above materials are received, the school will contact you to arrange an educational consultation with the Head of School and Principal. The consultation will be conducted in person with the student and at least one parent attending. A phone interview can be conducted if the applicant is not living in the United States.

Step Three – Enrollment

After acceptance, the following will then be required to complete the enrollment process.

  • Enrollment is not considered complete until all forms and transcripts are received. If a Host Family has been requested by the applicant, then enrollment is contingent upon Lansing Christian School securing a Host Family. The I-20 will not be created until a student has finished enrollment.
  • Complete online Enrollment Contract
  • Copy of Student Birth Certificate
  • Physical Examination Form

Final Step

Enrollment is complete once the Enrollment Contract and $100 enrollment fee has been submitted.

For questions or more information, please contact the school at

Thank you for your interest in Lansing Christian School!

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