High School and Middle School Talent Nights are coming up!

So be ready to grab some snacks, have a seat and enjoy the talents of the LCS community.  These two talent nights will be posted to the LCS YouTube to go live at exactly 7:00pm on their respective nights – so we will all be able to watch them together, even from our own couches!

Both evenings will consist of video submissions showcasing the talents of the LCS students – even some talents that wouldn’t have worked to show in a traditional in-person talent show.  In addition to these talents, we will see some LCS teachers competing in different tasks throughout the evening, and there will be a tribute to the class of 2020 during the HS talent night.

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Check out the full Senior Slide show to read the Senior’s favorite memories and teacher impact stories as well.

High School Talent Night: Tuesday, May 26th at 7:00pm

Middle School Talent Night: Thursday, May 28th at 7:00pm

Editing: Peter O’Neill 
TaskMaster editing: Scott Magie
Addition TaskMaster help: Kelly Joos and Heidi O’Neill