LCS Community

We are closing out the school year and while I am confident that everyone is ready for a much needed break, I also believe that we need our community around us more than ever. As we take this time to rest and recharge, I ask that we continue to uplift our LCS community and the broader Lansing community in prayer and in action. Check on each other, pray for one another, and show God’s love daily.

In a time of unrest we need to show God’s love even more. We may look, think, and act differently, but we must never lose sight that we are one in Christ. I am blessed to have each of you in my life and I will continue to lift you up in prayer over the summer. We also covet your prayers as we make plans for next year to provide a safe and rich educational experience for our students and families. I look forward to being together again in the fall.

Written by: Sheila Dykstra, Elementary Principal