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“I love the fact that the school my boys attend reinforces what we teach them at home about Christianity”

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LCS Family

Parents love that their children are exceptionally well known at LCS, making kindergarten feel like home away from home. 
House with a heart inside
LCS teachers integrate formational learning experiences that invite, nurture, and empower students to discover their role in God's story.
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Kindergarten students enjoy a wide variety of hands-on activities and exploration which fosters a love for learning.
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Our Readiness Guide Can Help Equip Your Child for Success

Words From an LCS Family

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“I love the fact that the school my boys attend reinforces what we teach them at home about Christianity”

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Our Kindergarten Readiness Guide?

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A checklist of academic skills to work on with your preschooler, such as letter recognition, counting abilities, and pencil control

How to tell if your child is emotionally ready for kindergarten

Ways to prepare for kindergarten physically through active play, art projects, and more

Back to School Plan

Lansing Christian School is planning for in-person learning! Cultivating meaningful relationships and an inherent sense of belonging is best accomplished when we are with our students. 

While LCS is prioritizing in-person learning, we have also developed a remote learning plan to support continuity of learning for individual students, classes, or the whole school due to transmission of the virus, required school closure, or family medical concerns. 

Fill out the form above for further re-opening plans.

What the kindergarten day looks like at LCS, including FAQ from parents who’ve been in your shoes