The finest facilities. The best teachers. The strongest academics. The most exciting activities. Many things contribute to an excellent education, but there’s one resource that is absolutely critical to student success: their parents. When parents are engaged in the learning process, students thrive, seeing firsthand the value of community and being supported in a way that fosters positive development — in school and beyond. At Lansing Christian School, parents are heavily involved in their child’s education because we believe these benefits are not to be missed.

A Christian Foundation

A strong Biblical worldview is cultivated in the home and strengthened in the classroom. When parents and teachers hold shared beliefs, they act as partners in ministry to children, mentoring them as they ask hard questions and work out their own faith.

A Welcoming Community

Enrolling in a new school can be an exciting and overwhelming time for the entire family. Parent Ambassadors walk closely with new families throughout the first year, helping them get connected and ensuring all students acclimate to their new school community.

A Focus on Relationships

Studies show that success in school is largely determined by children having strong connections with adults. When students see how their parents and teachers work together with shared goals, they have a solid example of positive relationships, which translates to their own relationships.

Strong Communication

In order to maintain these positive relationships, parents must be informed and connected — not only to their child’s progress, but to what is happening in the school community at large. Keeping parents engaged through open lines of communication and listening for feedback ensures every family has a voice.

Bright Futures

Of course, every parent’s goal is a bright future for their child. Working closely with families, teachers make educational decisions in the best interest of each individual student. Listening for understanding, asking the right questions, and establishing trust fosters a mindset of growth that is beneficial to everyone on campus.

Learn More Today

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