Brianna – 11th Grade

  • I participate in the LCS Student Council and Worship Team.
  • My favorite part of the school day is American Lit! 🙂 I love my teacher’s enthusiasm about the subject and it truly makes me love what I’m doing more
  • I’ve been here since preschool, so I’ve of course grown a lot since then! But one thing I’ve always struggled with is math. My growth in this subject is certainly something I’m proud of!
  • In my free time, I love doing community theatre, as well as singing all around my house! 🙂 I enjoy reading and I have even started writing a novel for fun! I also love working with children in any way that I can.
  • My teachers show they care for me with their constant encouragement and prayers.
  • My faith has grown a lot through worship at LCS. From an early age, I have been able to have an intentional time to praise God set aside in my day for me. Now that I’m older, my faith has really become my own, but having that foundation from elementary school and in the early stages of my faith was really helpful!
  • I love getting to know the younger kids and reaching out to them! Next year, as I enter into Junior year, I’m going to go back to the lower elementary wing and be a teacher’s aide to my preschool teachers! I love that I have this chance to go back to a classroom where I made so many memories! It is truly so special for me!
  • After LCS, I would love to learn cosmetology, and then move on to getting a degree in writing or Christian Education, and perhaps a minor in acting. Whatever I do, I really want it to be somewhere that I can go and interact with people on a daily basis. I’m also really praying that God will lead me to a career where I can work with kids!

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October 3, 2018