Weizhi – 12th Grade

  • I don’t know specifically about the best part at school, but it might be 5th hour physics (as a junior). Since we have a smaller class, me and my classmates (got to) know each other very well. Plus, I enjoyed lots of fun, little experiments.
  • For me personally, I’m proud of getting to know deeper about Christianity. I never had a chance to learn these things in my life before. I always had confusion, but now LCS helps me further my comprehension.
  • My teachers care for me very much. For example, last year Mrs. Emery hold a party for me celebrating Chinese New Year because I wasn’t able to go back. It felt pretty warm and sweet. Sincerely.
  • My faith¬†definitely grows at LCS. Throughout this year, from the beginning when I basically didn’t know anything and didn’t read any Bible, to now that I’m basically a believer (although not been baptized). I do appreciate it.
  • I do enjoy that LCS PreK-12 is all in one building. Sometimes during lunch I might see those cute, little kindergarteners and that makes me feel comfortable. Additionally, I think it’s effective usage of space to put all grades together in one building.
  • After LCS, I hope to study¬†Automotive Engineering. I’ve been a car enthusiast ever since I was little. I deeply want to have further understanding of engines’ inner structures.

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October 3, 2018