Wyatt – 6th Grade

Wyatt – 6th Grade

What do you love about LCS?

I love the teachers at LCS and how they interact with us.

What are you looking forward to in high school?

I look forward to being in some plays and trying new things by taking some different classes than I normally would.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite

Miss Jentz. She is my homeroom teacher and she is really good at teaching.

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at LCS?

I used to know that God was powerful, and then over the years I learned about Christianity, religion, and how God worked through people’s lives.

How do you live and learn in Christian community?

I learn pretty well and I live a great life because I’m a Christian and I know that Jesus loves us so very much.

What is your favorite school memory?

The zipline during retreat is my favorite memory.