Spiritual Life

At Lansing Christian School, we consider it a high calling to educate and equip students to be able to engage the world for Jesus Christ and join God in His transformational work in our communities and in our world.

Serving others helps students gain a greater understanding of God’s world and develop a heart for His people. At each grade level students are empowered to apply knowledge and skills to produce real work that meets real needs for real people right here in our very own community and throughout the world.

Every student in grades K-12 participates in chapel twice weekly and has opportunities to lead their peers in chapel. At the middle school and high school level, students are able to join the chapel leadership teams, which are responsible for planning chapel events and leading worship. Additionally, Bible classes are a required component of our curriculum at every grade level.

Elementary Chapel

Worship is at the core of what it means to be a Christian. Singing, praying, and learning about God’s word draw us closer to Him. Beginning our week in praise and worship allows us to gather together and praise Him as a K-5 student body. In drawing near to Him, we give Him the glory for the blessings he has showered upon us and we humbly ask for His help to overcome our challenges. We want to live every day worshiping and praising our Savior. Digging deeper in His Word keeps us rooted in our faith and allows us to grow and develop our faith in Him. Each day, we desire our words and actions to bring glory and honor to Him.

Middle and High School Chapel

One of the hallmarks of Lansing Christian School continues to be the large number of churches that are represented in our school community. Our current families represent over 70 different churches that include a wide variety of worship styles and traditions.

Our school-wide chapel program provides opportunities for students to experience and learn about how their peers and people in our community worship God in unique and different ways. Bringing in pastors from a wide variety of churches to interact with and lead our students is an important part of our chapel program and our commitment to cultivating relationships with local churches.

Middle and High School Spiritual Retreat

It is a valued tradition at LCS for middle and high school students to participate in an annual Fall Retreat. Cultivating Christian community among our students and teachers is the focus of these two days away from school. Team-building activities, community worship, shared meals, time together enjoying the outdoors, campfires, and the much anticipated high school volleyball tournament are all part of the Retreat experience for middle and high school students.

One of the highlights of High School Retreat is the senior faith stories that are presented during high school chapel sessions. Prior to the Retreat, as part of senior Bible class, 12th grade students learn what a faith story is. They also learn how to write and communicate their story in a manner that glorifies God and edifies the community. It is truly a blessing for our high school students and teachers to hear the stories of how God is present and working in the lives of senior students at LCS.