Transformational Learning

Christian education is formative. It shapes us, forms us, and molds us to be a certain kind of people whose hearts and passions and desires are aimed at the kingdom of God. Church, home, and school – these are the sites of formation for our students. What is the distinct formation opportunity we have here at Lansing Christian School?

While our commitment to academic excellence is unwavering, our commitment to faith in Jesus calls us to bring meaning and relevance to learning in the context of who God is and who He calls each one of our students to be.

With a vision that speaks to engagement with the world, our priority at LCS is to bring students in contact with the world around them as part of their day-to-day learning at school.

For over a year, preschool through twelfth grade teachers have been engaged in Teaching for Transformation training under the direction of the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education and the Teaching for Transformation Network. Teaching for Transformation (TfT) is not a curriculum; it is a learning framework with common practices that equip teachers to invite students to become engaged in God’s larger story, equipping them to play their unique role.

In every subject and grade level, LCS teachers are designing curriculum-based, hands-on, active learning experiences that give students the opportunity to live out their faith and their learning by engaging in real work that meets real needs for real people in our own Greater Lansing community and in the world.

Throughout this March 2020 edition of the Pilgrim Journey readers will learn through a variety of perspectives and stories how Christian education is formative, molding and shaping students into people that live out their faith by engaging and transforming the world for Jesus Christ.

by Wendy Hofman, Head of School