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2021 Graduates


God makes no mistakes and He knew exactly what He was doing when he placed us all in this class. He knew we were capable to endure and overcome and has a plan to use this for our good. Now I may be biased but I believe our class to be one of great character. It is easy to see the joy, love, and care we have for each other. We have such great community and friendships within our class and always know how to be lighthearted and fun. On any given day you could see us jump roping at lunch, hanging out after school, or playing cards in study hall. We embody Paul’s mission to the Thessalonians to “encourage one another
and build each other up” so well. We are also resilient. I believe that big things can, and will, come from each of us in this class… there is a reason we’ve been disciplined and prepared in this way. So, let’s keep running the good race class of 2021, we’ve got a lot of work to do.