High School

Discover Where You Belong

High school can be a rewarding time for parents as you watch your teen transform from a middle schooler to a confident young adult. It’s a time of tremendous academic, social, and spiritual growth, and you want an educational experience that gives your teen the support they need to thrive in all of these areas. 

At Lansing Christian School, students don’t merely fit in —  they belong. Each teen’s unique identity in Christ is what makes them special in our school community. Our high school students measure success not by grades, scores, and social media likes, but by compassion, service, honesty, and dedication to those around them and to Jesus Christ.

Prepared to Engage and Transform the World for Jesus Christ

Our high school has a rigorous curriculum that seamlessly integrates Christian faith, the arts, athletics, and service. This philosophy instills teens with the confidence they need to thrive in college and to transform the world for Jesus Christ through  Christian leadership and service. 

While high school is a time of growing independence and adulthood is right around the corner, our faculty also realize that teenagers still need guidance from adult mentors. Each Lansing Christian School faculty member is dedicated to helping students make decisions and take actions that are rooted in Christian values. Students are also able to grow in faith through a twice-weekly chapel, an annual spiritual retreat, and daily Bible classes.

Inspired to Reach Academic Excellence

High school students at Lansing Christian are challenged with thought-provoking classes that encourage them to dive deep into concepts, ask questions, and truly own their learning. Our teachers utilize STEM practices and build skills in collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking while incorporating a Biblical worldview in every subject. Our high school education includes:

  • Options for 8 different AP classes
  • 20 hours of service each year
  • A highly trained faculty, with 55% holding a master’s degree or higher
  • Extracurriculars such as a National Honor Society, Prayer and Bible Study Groups, Student Council, Student Statesmanship Institute, and more

Supported in College and Career Planning

As students prepare to continue their journey after high school, our college and career advisor helps students take into account their God-given gifts, interests, and personality traits as they approach decisions.  

  • 92% of Lansing Christian graduates continued on to higher education in 2023
  • 96% of students who took AP tests earned a score of 3 or higher in 2023
  • Class of 2020 graduates went on to schools such as Liberty University, Hope College, Taylor University, and more

Challenged to Strengthen Gifts

Students are able to explore new interests or immerse themselves in existing ones with our robust arts, athletics, and elective course options. Our high school students enjoy a variety of options, including:

  • Vocal and instrumental music groups that include band and chorale
  • Arts events and a yearly talent night
  • Visual arts classes such as painting, and sculpture and ceramics
  • Creative Entrepreneurship elective classes that allow students to learn graphic design, videography, and creative writing
  • A yearbook elective class
  • 22 athletic teams