Elementary School at LCS

PreK-Grade 5

As a parent, you know the elementary years will serve as a foundation for your child’s future. It’s a time when they’ll first learn academic concepts, start forming friendships, and understand their place in God’s world. It marks the beginning of their educational journey — one that will surely leave a lasting impact.

You envision a school that nurtures their gifts and cultivates their love for learning. Most of all, you’re searching for a learning environment to deepen your child’s love for God and His Word.

At Lansing Christian School, we offer an enriching curriculum, a Christ-centered community, and a nurturing environment that encompasses what many families are looking for. Below, you’ll see a fuller picture of elementary school at LCS, where your child can flourish.

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Learning Environment

Enriching academics in a nurturing atmosphere

As your child starts their academic journey, you’ve likely asked these questions: Will the school nurture my child academically and spiritually? Will the teacher recognize and support my child’s individual needs? Will I have opportunities to be involved as an active partner in my child’s education?

Lansing Christian School is committed to giving elementary school students a challenging yet engaging  curriculum where everything is given relevance in God’s world and His word. Our program is focused on nurturing every student academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. What does this look like in our learning environment?

Habits of Learning:

LCS students pursue academic excellence to develop their God-given gifts and abilities. Students do this by developing Habits of Learning such as curiosity, persistence, and effective collaboration, which are based on educational best practices and promote working towards excellence for the glory of God.

Habits of Living:

These biblically-rooted discipleship practices go beyond what a student needs to know academically and helps to shape students into whom God is calling them to be. Students develop these practices (including beauty creating, God worshiping, and servant working) at all grade levels to nurture their faith as they learn how to live out God’s purpose for their lives. 

Differentiated Learning:

Your child will receive individualized attention thanks to our smaller class sizes which are typically around 20 students. This allows teachers to utilize differentiated learning to serve unique learning styles and help your child develop their distinct gifts and abilities.

Safe spaces to grow.

At LCS, we prioritize our students’ physical and emotional safety. Led by Christian teachers and mentors, students at LCS thrive in a safe, supportive culture. When they come to school, they feel more than physical safety; they have a sense of emotional safety and spiritual support, too. This creates an optimal learning environment.

Strong parent partnerships.

One thing that sets LCS apart is our strong sense of community and that starts with partnering with parents. At LCS, we foster open communication and invite parents to participate in events and volunteer at the school.

Parent Partnerships

Program Schedule

A day in the life of an LCS elementary student

What will your child’s day be like at LCS? Each grade level’s schedule will look different — but most of our elementary students have a full day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. We also offer an aftercare program that runs from 3-5:30 p.m. Below, you’ll see a sample schedule from one of our fourth grade classes:

MorningMorning Work
Devotions and Prayer
Fruit Break
Science/Social Studies
AfternoonRead Aloud
Pack Up & Homework

Academic Distinctives

A Christ-centered, engaging curriculum for young learners

During the elementary years, your child is curious and eager to learn new things. At LCS, we incorporate fun-filled, hands-on activities in our thoughtfully-designed academic program:

Core Subjects and Specials

Core subject areas include Bible, science, social studies, math, English (literacy/writing) and technology. The curriculum is intentionally laid out so that students can get a full grasp of the foundational subjects needed to succeed in elementary, middle school, and beyond.

Emphasis on Literacy

LCS prioritizes literacy — starting with the Zoophonics curriculum in PreK-K, and progressing to a balanced literacy approach (MAISA and Heggerty curriculum), helping students master skills needed to absorb and convey information through reading, writing, and speaking.

Exciting Specials

Special subjects ignite every elementary school student’s passions. From music, art, PE, Spanish, band (grade 5), and library, your child will have opportunities to branch out and explore their emerging gifts.

Intentional Tech Use

At LCS, we believe that technology should be mindfully utilized to enhance student learning. We use devices and applications to help in differentiated instruction (e.g. math and reading comprehension activities at each child’s unique level), as well as for research and presentation purposes.

Engaging Enrichments

Athletic and co-curricular activities provide our elementary students with opportunities to connect with friends while immersing in pursuits that interest them the most. We also offer robust youth sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, and volleyball starting as early as kindergarten.

“All of our children are thriving at school as LCS Pilgrims! The environment has allowed them each to grow confidently, understanding they are children of the King. Their teachers, administrators, coaches, fellow parents, and peers truly celebrate students as individuals, meeting them where they are and shining the love of Christ on each other each day.”

-Amanda, LCS Elementary and Middle School Parent

Sara Vaughan

Degree: Elementary Education/Language Arts and Early Childhood

Teaching Experience: 12 years

How has being a teacher impacted your life?

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, and have loved pouring into children in their formative years. It has helped me be a better mom and follower of Jesus to live out His calling for my life.”

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