Academic Overview

School-Wide Learner Goals

At LCS, our goal is for students to:

Demonstrate proficiency in foundational knowledge

LCS students demonstrate proficiency with the established curriculum across subject areas, applying and connecting ideas to make sense of complex concepts and problems from multiple perspectives.

Practice essential skills for learning

LCS students pursue academic excellence through practicing:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity (idea generation)
  • Thinking for innovation (acting on the idea to add value)
  • Persistence/resilience

Pursue ongoing growth

LCS students are curious and recognize the value of lifelong learning.

Collaborate effectively

LCS students work together toward shared goals both in and out of the classroom.

Show empathy

LCS students seek to deeply understand the experiences, perspectives, and needs of others.

Recognize and communicate their role in God’s story

With the support of teachers and families, LCS students discover and develop their God-given gifts and abilities and grow in areas of improvement as they live and learn in Christian Community.

Engage in creative service to meet the needs of the community

LCS students live lives of service and look for needs they can meet in the classroom, the school, the community, and beyond.