How are we serving?

Service to others is at the heart of the vision at LCS. Jesus’ fundamental command to love God and to love others calls us to something greater than ourselves. We cannot follow his command if we are only concerned with our own lives because Jesus tells us to look outward to God and to those around us. To be Christ followers, to show his love to others, to be people who engage and transform for Jesus, is to recognize the brokenness in ourselves and all around us and respond to His call to bring shalom to the world.

Below are a few snapshots of LCS students engaging in service:

Lansing Christian School Middle School Service Day
Lansing Christian School students volunteering during Service Week
Lansing Christian School students making sandwiches for students at a local elementary
Lansing Christian School National Honor Society Giving Tuesday
Lansing Christian Elementary School students with the boxes they collected for Operation Christmas Child
Lansing Christian School Spanish class performing at a retirement center

Student Service Opportunities at LCS

High School Student Council works with North Elementary School Students

North Elementary School in Lansing serves a diverse student population, with an emphasis on building caring relationships within a global school community. Twice each month, Student Council members spend time in classrooms, working with students representing a variety of countries, providing them an opportunity to practice their reading, math, and language skills in a one-to-one setting.

Middle School Students Learn about the Hunger Population in Lansing

Nearly 20 percent of Lansing area children do not have enough food to eat on a daily basis. This year, LCS middle school students are learning about the importance of food and nutrition in young person’s ability to learn and function in daily life.

Once a month, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students fill food bags that are delivered to Sheridan Road Elementary School in Lansing, where all students receive free breakfast and lunch, and where many students don’t have food to eat when they go home after school. The food is distributed to individual students to take home at the end of the school day.

Alternating groups of middle school students also travel to Sheridan Road Elementary once a month to spend time building relationships through planned lessons led by LCS middle school students.

High School Biology Class Clean Drinking Water Project

The high school Biology classes have been learning about the microorganisms that can be found in unclean drinking water as well as those that cause malaria. Rather than just learn about these problems and move on, we are choosing to make a difference in our world by helping those who are affected by such microorganisms.

Through multiple creative efforts including designing and selling vinyl stickers and t-shirts, this year’s Biology classes raised more than $5,000 to donate to World Vision. This money will be used to provide clean water and mosquito bed nets to families around the world who are in need! In the last eight years the Biology classes have collectively donated more than $35,000 to World Vision through this project.

Colorado Project

Under the leadership of Miss Joos and Mrs. Lohman, approximately fifty high school students are using their lunchtime once a week to serve as pen pals to approximately seventy at-risk fourth graders at a public elementary school in Colorado. The high students all made donations to cover purchase and shipping of Christmas goodie bags filled with toys and treats for their pen pals. Through the investment of their time and the kindness of their hearts, our students are having a profound positive impact on fourth graders across the country by speaking life and truth over and into them.