Retreat Wrap Up

Sunset at the Lansing Christian School 2015 retreat

Retreat is a time when we set aside three days at Camp Geneva on the Lake Michigan lakeshore to focus on building relationships with one another and on growing in our relationship with God in the context of Christian community.

Dynamic Speakers Challenge our Students at Retreat

By Eric Thomas, High School Bible Teacher

What do Lake Michigan, September and Lansing Christian School have in common? Retreat! Each year LCS provides the unique opportunity to head to Camp Geneva in Holland, MI for three days to encourage the high school and middle school students to build community and grow in their faith. This is a key time for new students, 6th graders and freshman to get to know other students in the school while providing space for all students to grow deeper in their current friendships.

Lansing Christian School middle school students playing bocci ball at the 2015 retreat.

Retreat is also a wonderful opportunity for students to spend time focusing on their relationship with God. Each year dynamic speakers challenge students to step out in their faith and solidify their commitment to Christ. With the focus on life changing relationships, this time is both a fun highlight and a starting block to begin a year of personal and spiritual growth.

Lansing Christian High School students at the 2015 retreat getting ready to play the volleyball tournament.

Lansing Christian High School students in hammocks at the 2015 retreat.