Equipped to Engage and Transform the World for Jesus Christ

At Lansing Christian School we live and learn in Christian community, and that community doesn’t end when you receive your diploma. Our alumni are lifelong and important members of the LCS community who are living out the school’s vision of engaging and transforming the world for Jesus Christ in college, in their careers, and in their communities. 

As our alumni (and their parents) experience life after high school we want to stay connected with you. We would love to hear updates on your life: major milestones, exciting adventures, noteworthy achievements, or about how you are serving others. Have questions about alumni events, want to share an update, or want more information on how to connect with Lansing Christian School? Contact Cathy Bytwerk at

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Distinguished Alumni Award


The alumni office is happy to help. Below are some of the ways we have helped alumni plan reunions in the past. Please contact Cathy Bytwerk at to get started.

  • Provide class lists, including available addresses and contact information
  • Assistance with setting up a class Facebook Group
  • Information on local venues and activities
  • Tours of the school building
  • Promote event information in our alumni newsletter and on our webpage

I think one of the greatest things about the LCS community is that Christ is at the center of everything.

– LCS Elementary and HS Family

What my kids are getting at LCS is so much better than I ever could have imagined. The teachers are excellent. They continually strive to be better, to be current with educational research but maintain all that “good stuff” that maybe isn’t as common elsewhere.

– LCS HS Family

We appreciate the caliber of leaders that surrounded our son and modeled Christ-like behavior in and out of the classroom, athletic arena and school as a whole. The friendships he made truly last a lifetime, well beyond when he graduated. He thrived in the LCS environment academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally, but was also challenged at the same time.

– LCS Alumni Family

Students are in an environment where faith is woven into every aspect. So whether they are in the lunchroom, their science class or on the basketball court, God is a part of that. That’s invaluable. That’s preparing them for life beyond school.

– LCS Alumni Family

Distinguished Alumni Award

2024 Dane Porter

During Spirit Week, spectators notice a lot of artistic creations in the commons at LCS. When people look up in the direction of the middle and high school offices they notice a mural that depicts a student’s life at LCS as they learn to transform the world for Jesus Christ. That mural was created by our Distinguished Alumni, Dane Porter.

Dane graduated from LCS in 2014 and there was no doubt that his bent, his talent, and his life course were going to be in the world of art. He describes himself as being completely self-taught. Those gifts to create however are attributed to his Heavenly Father whose masterful creativity is in every piece of Dane’s art. Much of his time after graduating was spent in his studio developing his style. He worked with media of metal, glass, and concrete creating pieces of art that stand outside and inside various businesses today. 

During his time at LCS, Mrs. Emery, his high school art teacher, did a phenomenal job of giving him the tools to succeed. Spirit Week was one of his favorite times of the year because of the creativity he brought to the class competitions. 

Throughout the years since graduation, Dane has had community involvement through judging, speaking, and curating many public art events including the MSUFCU and Scrap Fest of Lansing. His work and designs are in demand with architects, landscape designers, artists, and individuals in the Lansing area and beyond. He is currently involved in real estate investing and the restoration and design of properties, such as the mid-century restoration in Okemos. Dane hopes to bring color to communities as he glorifies God through them.


2023 – Laurie Iversen

2020 – Patrick Bisher

2019 – Lars and Amy (Kirkland) Carlson (both class of ’93). 

2018 – Melanie Jabara Seal (class of ’88). 

2017 – Jason and Kristin (Clark) Peters (both class of ’82)

2016 – Randy Hebden

2015 – Jeremy Van Antwerp (Class of ’90) and Bob Isenga (Class of ’63)

2014 – Rock Campbell (Class of ’69)

2013 – Heidi (DeVries) and Buck Hagy (both class of ’84)

2012 – Chad Mcree (Class of ’80) 

2011 – Cathy (Bowden) Bytwerk (Class of ’69).