Tuition at Lansing Christian School

Explore the value of a faith-based education

Giving your child the best education is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a parent. And, this is also one of the reasons why you’re weighing your options well. You want to find a school where faith and learning go hand-in-hand — one where you know your investment will pay dividends today and in the years to come.

At Lansing Christian School, we want to make it possible for families to afford quality education in a Christ-centered environment. With our K-12 variable tuition program, transfer discount for new  students, and scholarship opportunities, there are many options for families to significantly reduce tuition and other costs.

Our vision is to equip young men and women to engage and transform the world for Jesus Christ. Families recognize the value of an LCS education because:
  • They find a caring and positive community, thanks to optimal class sizes where students are known, valued, and celebrated.
  • At the foundation of Christian education is faith and learning, where both are intrinsically linked to provide a robust academic environment while fostering the faith formation of students. We provide a college-prep curriculum that equips students for the academic challenges ahead.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to have a well-rounded experience, through athletics, creative arts, clubs, electives, and other enrichments.

Discover the value of an LCS education.

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Affording Lansing Christian School

If you’re a parent considering enrolling your child at LCS, perhaps one of the biggest questions that you’re thinking about is how you can afford tuition.

We’re committed to making excellent education accessible for you and your family! 

Did you know that we offer various avenues for you to reduce the cost of tuition?


Your family’s unique needs and background will be greatly considered in our Variable Tuition program that adjusts the total cost of fees for K-12 families.


We offer Ministry Scholarships (for families with parents serving as ordained ministers) and Pilgrim Scholarships (for students with exceptional leadership and volunteer activities within their community) for eligible applicants.


For Middle School and High School students considering a transfer to Lansing Christian School, we offer a Transfer Discount. Download our Transfer Guide to learn more!

Through these initiatives, we’ve awarded over $600,000 in tuition assistance, and around 50% of our student body benefits from reduced costs. Learn more about the application process for Variable Tuition.

“We wanted to feel confident sending our children to a school where they would be safe, loved, and cared for. School is tough, kids are hard on one another, and we want our kids to grow while also knowing that they are being looked after by others who share similar values and beliefs and will foster positive growth. At LCS, the teachers and staff care so deeply for each child that it permeates the entire school experience (classes, clubs, sports, field trips). I firmly believe the long-term rewards will far outweigh the short-term cost.”

-Elizabeth, LCS Parent

Tuition Rates

Early Learners Preschool Program
3 Year Old Half-Day Option4 Year Old Half-Day Option4 Year Old Full-Day Options
Two days per week
(T/TH, 8-11:00 a.m.)
Morning option
(M/W/F, 8-12:00 p.m.)
Three days per week
(M/W/F, 8-3:00 p.m.)

Five days per week
(M-F, 8-3:00 p.m.)

K-12 Tuition Ranges

Variable Tuition Ranges 2024-2025
Grade LevelTuition
Grades K-5$6,390 – 9,830*
Grades 6-8$7,150 – 11,005*
Grades 9-12$7,660 – 11,790*

Middle and High School Transfer Discount

Transfer Discounts 2024-2025*
Grade LevelDiscount
Grades 6-8$1,175
Grades 9-12$1,960

*applies only to incoming new students in 6-12th grade
  • Elementary school field trips
  • Middle school and high school retreats
  • K-3 1:1 school-provided iPads for learning
  • Grades 4-8 1:1 Chromebooks for learning
  • 8th-grade trip to The Ark Encounter
  • 11th-grade trip to Gettysburg 
  • 12th-grade trip to Washington D.C.
  • An occasional middle school or high school field trip

*We offer a monthly payment plan for over 12 months (July-June).

Lansing Christian School Tuition FAQs

How do you determine if a family is eligible for reduced tuition?

Our variable tuition rubric is applied to the information entered by families within Blackbaud Financial Aid Management. The rubric serves as a guide to process the suitable tuition fee for every family, considering their income, financial status, and other socio-economic factors.

Is there a cap on available funds?

LCS  has a generous Variable Tuition budget, but it is limited. Our first round of Variable Tuition occurs in January, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Families who need help affording LCS should apply as soon as possible.

Is tuition assistance available for students in all grades?

Variable tuition is available for students entering kindergarten – 12th grade.

Could applying for tuition assistance diminish a student’s chance of being accepted at your school?

No. The eligibility for tuition assistance does not affect a student’s chance of entering LCS, and is not a factor in considering admissions.

What income is typical for families who qualify for variable tuition?

Many factors are evaluated by our third-party service, including income, assets, unusual expenses, and family size. Therefore, families with various circumstances and income levels qualify for the program.

Take the Next Steps

As you search for private Christian schools in Lansing, MI, we encourage you to visit LCS! It’s the best way to get a feel for our academic programs and Christ-centered culture where your child can grow. Schedule a visit.

If you’re ready to move forward with the admissions process, learn more about how to apply here. Applying for variable tuition and scholarships takes place during the enrollment stage. 

Questions? Please get in touch with Sheri Shank, Director of Admissions, by calling (517) 882-5779 ext. 107 or emailing