Sports Teams Offered

Athletics are an exciting piece of the Lansing Christian School experience.

For elementary, we have a program called Pilgrim Play. It is a co-ed program designed for LCS students Pre-K (4) – 3rd grade. Click here for more information.

See below for our current middle school and high school sports offerings. We are a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

Boy’s Athletics

Baseball (spring) – 9th-12th
Basketball (winter) – 7th-12th
Lacrosse (spring) – 7th-12th
Soccer (fall) – 9th-12th
Swimming (winter) – 9th-12th
Tennis (fall) – 9th-12th
Volleyball (spring) – 9th-12th

Girl’s Athletics

Basketball (winter) – 7th-12th
Diving (fall) – 9th-12th
Soccer (spring) – 9th-12th
Lacrosse (spring) – 7th-12th
Softball (spring) – 9th-12th
Swimming (fall) – 9th-12th
Tennis (spring) – 9th-12th
Volleyball (fall) – 7th-12th
Water Polo (spring) – 9th-12th

Co-Ed Athletics

Cross Country (fall) – 6th-12th
Equestrian (spring) 5th-8th
Equestrian (fall) 9th-12th
Golf (spring) – 7th-12th
Middle School Soccer (fall)- 7th-8th
Track (spring) – 7th-12th