Kelsey Moore – Lifelong Learner

For Kelsey Moore (’08), becoming a Medical Science Liaison was the perfect opportunity to combine her love of understanding how things work with the chance to travel and interact with people in a fast-paced and continually challenging career.

Kelsey’s desire to learn and better understand the world around her is nothing new, and she appreciates her time at Lansing Christian School and her teachers for nurturing that academic passion. “I was so blessed to have such amazing teachers at LCS that fostered my love of learning and with whom I continue to remain in contact.”

Kelsey specifically credits her science classes in high school for providing her with a foundation in science that would give her the knowledge and information she needed to excel in her coursework at college. Kelsey says, “The teachers at LCS are what made my time there meaningful, and I honestly believe I received an education second to none under their tutelage.”

After graduating from LCS, Kelsey continued to pursue her love of knowledge and the sciences by majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience and Psychology at Hope College, followed by accomplishing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Minnesota. Throughout her academic career, Kelsey has researched various aspects of neuroscience including her dissertation work on the neurological underpinnings of natural reward. That research informs her current work as a Medical Science Liaison where she provides comprehensive medical and scientific support to physicians so they can treat patients more effectively.

Becoming a Medical Science Liaison allows Kelsey to use her passion for science and her training in neuroscience to serve others and honor God in a way she never expected. “I honestly think I will never know exactly how I fit into God’s overall plan. It may seem like my life has had this wonderful planned trajectory, but I have never known exactly what I was doing until God made that next opportunity available to me. I have always just tried to do my very best at whatever and wherever God has me currently, and He has been faithful to provide the next step. I hope that during my time at each of these stages God has used me to shape the lives of others, just as He has used others around me to shape mine.”