by Dave Tebben, President of the LCS board of Trustees

When I was new to being on the school board, I emailed a question to a boyhood friend of mine who is now a school administrator. I don’t remember what I asked him, but part of his response has always stuck with me. He said,

“Participating in the education and spiritual formation of over five hundred eternal souls is no small undertaking.”

His quote applies to many different people who play a role in our children’s education: parents, teachers, coaches, administrators, and school board members. As a parent, I am grateful for the mission and vision of Lansing Christian School because it guides all the people investing in the lives of my kids.

As a school board member, the mission and vision act in much the same way. A major role of the board is to make sure that all areas of the school align with the mission. The board works with the Head of School to monitor and advance programming and improve the educational experiences for future students. We refer to that as advancing the mission of the school, which we describe as “Equipping young men and women to engage and transform the world for Jesus Christ”.