LCS Students at State Honors Choir

Three LCS students qualified for the State Honors Choir this year, a significant and noteworthy accomplishment. The State Honors Choir program offers students an opportunity to develop and be recognized for their vocal music skills while singing in an advanced ensemble with the best singers from across the state of Michigan. 

This year, students began the process with an audition for the regional choir, and during regionals the students went on to audition for the state level. Auditions consisted of sight reading and music memorization tests in a three-day rehearsal process where they were placed into three select choirs: SSAA, TTBB, SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) for performance at the DeVos Theater in Grand Rapids. From this, senior Elena Ardis was placed in the All-State Choir, which is comprised of the top 80 students in all of Michigan. In May, Elena will spend three days at MSU for rehearsal and further opportunities. 

It is exciting that these students took the opportunity to honor God in excellence by participating in this choir. Some of them are already in multiple Advanced Placement classes and are managing much, but they accepted the challenge without reservation or complaint. These students had to be prepared, persevere, and apply the training they received in class, and we are proud of them for accepting this opportunity.

Participating in State Honors Choir is also an incredible opportunity for the students to be a light in the world. As this is not a Christian event, it is an opportunity to witness their faith and praise God with their music. Choral music is oftentimes religious because of its history, and these students infused their faith into the words they sang, fully representing Christ to all.

LCS high school choir students also recently participated in the State Choir Festival on May 2, 2024 at Leslie High School and received a 1 rating – the highest possible rating. Congratulations to the entire LCS choir on this wonderful accomplishment.

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