Braden – 7th grade

Braden – 7th grade

My favorite thing about LCS is

The teachers, because they care about you and become friends in a professional way.

My favorite teacher is:

Miss Jentz, because she is really laid back and friendly.

At LCS, I’ve learned that God is_________ and my faith has grown because:

I’ve learned that God is kind. This has helped me because I don’t want to serve an evil God that hates me and stuff.

LCS is different than other schools or homeschooling because:

It is a safe environment where I feel free to be me and where I won’t be discriminated against by my teachers and peers.

Going to school with friends and teachers who share my faith is:

It’s helpful because I find it easier to live out my beliefs with my friends so that I can experience fellowship that helps me grow.

After LCS, I plan to:

I plan to go into a STEM field.