Stories From the Classroom: Storylines

by Dr. Jamie Wernet, Director of Learning/Math Teacher

Using language and imagery, a teacher’s Storyline helps students to connect what they are learning with biblical truth. Each teacher routinely uses practices to keep their Storyline alive for students. Here are just a few examples of ways LCS teachers communicate a Storyline that invites students into God’s Story.

Mrs. O’Neill’s 3rd graders are learning they are “Given to Give.” Each week, students have an opportunity to share about gifts they have received and how they can give others the gift of God’s love.

In Statistics and Probability, seniors experience how “Math Speaks” by spending time each class period analyzing graphs from recent news articles. They discuss what they learn from the data representations and reflect on how mathematics can be a powerful communication tool.

Mr. Call uses the Storyline “And it was Good” in middle school science to help students see God’s goodness in nature, in their relationships (friends and families), and in their school work. Throughout the year, he invites students to find examples of God’s goodness and share them with their classmates.

In Señora Velasquez’s K-8 Spanish classes, students have the opportunity to see they are “¡Tocando el Mundo…Touching the World!” Middle school students have regular opportunities to communicate with Spanish-speaking students in Mexico via the Flipgrid video discussion platform.

Four-year-olds in Mrs. Rodriguez’s preschool class learn “I am God’s Masterpiece” and enjoy time each day when they share how God has made each of them unique and special.