LCS Stories

Abbi – 9th Grade

  • I am on the Chapel team and I participated in this last volleyball season. I have also been a part of the LCS basketball team in the past.
  • I have scored some really high academic scores on ACT Aspire that I had no idea I was capable of.
  • I love band class. I have always had a great appreciation for music. Especially this year, I feel like I have been able to see more than just notes on a page, but as a story told through a melody. I have loved hearing everything come together as one cohesive piece. I have also had the chance this year to expand my musical abilities through the technicalities of music.
  • I am unique because I play many different instruments. I am currently playing flute, and have been playing piano for many years. Playing piano has allowed me to assist in percussion on xylophone and vibraphone. I am also kind of learning guitar and box drum, and I sing on the Chapel worship team.
  • Many of my teachers have made sure I understood a concept as I progressed. Instead of grading homework and picking a few things to keep teaching, they pause mid-lesson to go back over a topic as many times as necessary.
  • I have learned so much about the threads that can be traced all throughout the Bible. I have also learned that every chapter, verse, word, etc., is applicable to real life. Sometimes it is a way to live, and other times it is God declaring his glory in something.
  • LCS has such a welcoming community and the teachers are so dedicated to teaching for the glory of God. It is really an amazing environment to be a part of.