LCS Stories

Elijah – 5th Grade

  • My favorite subject is either math or science. I like math a lot because Mr. Lohman makes it fun and I like science because it’s really cool. We go deep into our learning and Mr. D. tells cool facts. Also we’re in the unit of geology and I love rocks and crystals. That’s why I love math and science.
  • My favorite Bible story is when Elijah rides a fiery chariot to heaven and I like how my name is in the Bible too!
  • I learned about story structure in writing – how to make a good narrative and how to make a boring story into a fun story.
  • I love technology like games and coding because it’s fun to explore how some our favorite video games were made. I also love sports, especially soccer!
  • My teacher shows he cares because he always want to include everyone and if someone wasn’t being kind to someone he can help us find someone to play with. He always asks if we’re alright if we’re hurt.
  • I’ve learned that God is always faithful to us and that He never lets us down. He stays with us when times are hard.
  • I think kids should come to LCS because everyone that works at LCS is very nice and friendly. They always have connections to things that have happened to you and they are all always loving and kind!