2018-2019 school theme Lansing Christian School 10th grader SydneyLCS has pushed me to act in love, not in hate, make kindness a habit, and seek wisdom in God's word. – 10th grade student

High School

Lansing Christian High School students working in the Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab – A Place to Create

By Kelly Joos

The Innovation Lab is a unique space on our campus that allows teachers and students an opportunity to practice school-wide learner goals in a tangible and practical way. The entry wall to the space will soon display the fundamental purpose for the space: “A place to create for the One who created us.”

In dreaming into the possibility of the space, we have developed a list of “permissions” as an invitation into what it truly looks like to innovate and collaborate for the purposes of transforming the world for Jesus Christ. These permissions align directly to our school-wide learner goals and are painted around the room as reminders to students and teachers alike. We are excited to provide students with a unique learning environment where they are given opportunities to explore, analyze, create, innovate, test, learn, and grow in the context of a culture of collaboration, restoration, appreciation, and enjoyment.

Innovation Lab Permissions:

Walk with humility and integrity.

Be creative and flexible problem-solvers.

Value curiosity, wonder, and questions.

Take on challenges and explore your passions.

Take risks and celebrate failures as opportunities for discovery.

Embrace the struggle of learning and don’t give up in the face of difficulty.

Take initiative and learn new things.

Be open to new ideas and alternative solutions.

Be inclusive, encouraging, and generous in spirit.

Listen well and value the contributions of others.

Foster connections with our local and global communities

Class of 2018

by Andrew Kleyn

In some ways, our twelfth grade students are the embodiment of our objective as a community. The graduating class of 2018 is a high-achieving, passionate, and personable group of young men and women. They are a group that manifests maturity, perseverance, and a commitment to Christ and one another. At their graduation, the class took opportunities to express gratitude to their parents, teachers, and the Lansing Christian community. In this particular class, over twenty graduates attended LCS for twelve or more years. The class was also shaped and enhanced ny many students who joined throughout the years, and, as a class, they were influential leaders amoung the student body.

We are grateful for their contributions to Lansing Christian School and welcome them to the community of alumni. We are excited to see the plans God has in store for each of them.

Lansing Christian School 2018 graduates with their Kindergarten buddies

Upcoming High School Events

Jan 22

High School Exams

January 22, 2019 -8:00 am - January 24, 2019 -12:00 pm
Feb 09

ACT Testing

February 9, 2019 -8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Feb 25

HS Choral Festival

February 25, 2019 -8:00 am - February 26, 2019 -5:00 pm
Apr 13

ACT Testing

April 13, 2019 -8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Apr 14

Mother/Daughter Tea

April 14, 2019 -1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Apr 26

High School Musical

April 26, 2019 -7:00 pm - 9:00 pm