2016-2017 school theme Our teachers don’t just care if you know the right answer. They care that you learn. You have to think, and you need to understand. – 12th grade student

Class of 2017 Graduation

High School Graduation is a hallmark event at Lansing Christian School, and the class of 2017 was front and center at the graduation ceremony held at Trinity Church on June 2.

As is the tradition at LCS, graduating seniors play a leading role in the graduation ceremony. A number of LCS seniors presented inspiring and powerful speeches about their experience at LCS, communicating gratitude to teachers, parents, classmates, and to God. If you want to understand the mission of Lansing Christian School, attend a high school graduation!

In this year’s challenge to the senior class, Emma Myers communicated a thoughtful and heart-felt reflection on the senior class verse.

“Who shall I send? And who will go for us?” Isaiah answers, “Here I am. Send me!”   Isaiah 6:8
(Excerpt from Emma Myer’s speech)

Often, when we talk about being ”sent,” it has the implication that you should be called to a different place, or put on a specific mission, or that you are always being “sent” to do a new thing. However, if we are always looking for the next thing we’re supposed to do to God, we are going to miss all the opportunities he has given us to do so in the here, in the now! Rather than looking for a place or a specific mission where God is going to “send” us, we ought to consider how we can follow Him in the places where we already are. That’s likely the place where He has actually sent you to.

Lansing Christian School 2017 graduate Emma Myers

In most cases, this will not look glamorous. Most of the time, it will be hard and unacknowledged work. But, as hard as this can be, the Christian life is often lived out through small acts of love and obedience, not in grand gestures.

The fact is that the Christian life is not a collection of grand gestures done in God’s name. Rather, it is the humble work of loving those around you and seeking God daily, in each moment. It is a collection of small acts of obedience, the results of which you many never see. But it is through these things that God can change a heart, change a community, and, ultimately change the world.

Whatever God calls you to, whether it is grand or simple, be willing to faithfully follow saying, “Here am I. Send me!”

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