2023 MCC Student Trip to South Africa

The strategic plan for LCS includes the goal of seeking to increase our capacity to be a community where students, created in the image of God, experience a sense of belonging. The work of the LCS Multicultural Club (MCC) aims to do just this. The club, facilitated by Dr. LeCorn and a committee of student leaders, has the deep hope of “acknowledging that everyone has a culture and recognizing each other as complex and deserving of inclusion and respect.”

Five years ago, Lansing Christian School’s Multicultural Club began dreaming of traveling internationally to create a platform of cultural exchange. After years of dreaming and planning, this past November MCC students authored and submitted a funding proposal and received $25,000 to help fund their South Africa Cultural Exchange & Collaboration Trip. This student-led initiative allowed them to travel to South Africa for a week, where they were able to begin building a relationship between the Stellenbosch Waldorf School (SWC) located in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

For this trip, students had goals to actively engage in cross-cultural exchange and collaboration and to establish an ongoing relationship with SWC. With these aims, MCC students attended classes with their respective grades at SWC, toured South African cities and memorials, visited Kruger National Park, stayed in South African homes, engaged in cross-cultural discussions and culinary traditions, participated in sports with Waldorf students, attended surf school (and successfully surfed!), hiked challenging terrain, and established new avenues of communication to continue the relationship with the Waldorf school community after returning to the states.

This trip provided a powerful way for students to engage in the culture and lives of others while celebrating the beautiful diversity of God’s kingdom. We thank God for his provision and this opportunity for our students to engage in His world in this way!