Christian Community

Written by Sheila Dykstra, Elementary Principal

Christian community is at the heart of what makes Lansing Christian a great place to learn. Over the last several weeks we have come to realize just how amazing our community is. We may be living, working, and learning in isolation, but we are still connecting as a community. A few of the highlights from last week were our school wide virtual fire drill, classroom Zoom meetings, and the 4th and 5th grade Pilgrim Perfect video.

Virtual Fire Drill

Several of our families and teachers participated in the drill and we loved seeing all the pictures!

Classroom Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings have helped connect students with each other and their teachers. Seeing the joy in a child’s face when they see their classmates and teacher truly shows the value of connection. During this time of social distancing we must intentionally work at preserving and strengthening our connections with each other.

Inspired by the Dude Perfect YouTube videos, Mr. Lohman encouraged the 4th and 5th grade students to film themselves performing trick shots at their home. Our students responded with some amazing trick shots which are compiled in the Pilgrim Perfect video.