by Dan Carmichael, Athletic Director

Our preschool through twelfth grade athletic program plays an integral and important role at Lansing Christian School.

At each grade level, our athletes are able to use their God-given talents as they grow, learn, and compete.  Sports provide a unique opportunity to learn skills, life lessons, and build teamwork.

This year, our youth sports programs have continued to grow.  In the fall, we had 8 teams that included students from grades 2-6 that played soccer.  For the first time ever, we were able to host youth games on our elementary soccer field.  During the winter, we had 6 teams from grades 3-6, compete in the Lansing-area youth basketball league.  While our youth programs provide great opportunities to learn skills in sports, it also provides an opportunity for our families to grow in community. 

Participation in athletics at the middle school and high school levels also remains very strong this year. Students continue to work on skill development as they compete in individual and team sports.  This fall, 10 of our high school athletes represented LCS at the 2021 Leadership Conference sponsored by the Greater Lansing Activities Conference.  These student-athletes were selected by our coaching staff as leaders in the classroom and on their athletic teams. Developing leadership skills is vital for all athletes in their educational experience.

At LCS, we are very fortunate to be able to integrate our faith on the court and playing field.

Focusing on our beliefs, athletics provides a Christian foundation that allows our student-athletes the opportunity to grow personally, faithfully, and enjoy a positive experience. Finally, our athletic program is strong because of the support from our families. The majority of our youth and middle school teams are led by parent-coaches. It’s through faith and family that we are able to lead our athletes and represent our beliefs as we compete in the greater Lansing area.