Elementary: Let’s Keep Learning!

For our first week of remote learning, don’t forget to include PE, Art, Band, and Music in your learn-at-home routine!
PHYSICAL EDUCATION – Mr. Mustaine and Mr. VandeKopple
Coach Mustaine and Coach VandeKopple want you to stay active during this time away from school. What does this look like? Check out this video from our PE teachers:
ART – Mrs. Awokuse
Hi art students, 
We are going on a new adventure in art by doing remote learning at home, so be on the lookout for your weekly art assignments.  Please use a two-pocket folder to put your artwork in to save it until you can show it to me later.  This week as we ease into remote learning, we will start with something fun and relaxing that everyone in the family can do. Please see the lesson below or click here to view the lesson as a PDF.
Good Memory Drawing 
1) Think of a really good memory that you have of your family or friends. Maybe it is a time when you got a new pet, went to an amusement park, or vacationed with relatives.
2) Tell the story to yourself in your mind and draw as you think about what happened.  You can use markers, color pencils, or crayons on a blank piece of paper. 
3) Think about what your five senses felt as you remember the event.  What did you touch, smell, taste, hear, and see?  Did you cook yummy s’mores over a crackling, smoky fire?  Was the lake water cool and refreshing or freezing cold?  Try to creatively add these kinds of details to your drawing through color, texture, lines, and shapes.
4) Use color to represent your feelings.  For example, you could use sunshine yellow to represent the joy you felt when you hugged a new puppy.
5) You can combine making parts of your drawing realistic or abstract or symbolic.
6) You can even add words to your drawing if you like.
7) Write your name and a sentence describing your good memory on the back of your paper.
8) When you finish creating your good memory drawing, please share it with one of your parents or guardians.  Tell them the story of your good memory and explain your drawing to them.
9) Optional:  If you enjoyed this assignment you can make another good memory drawing just for fun. 
10) Put your Good Memory Drawing in your art folder to show me in the future.
5th GRADE BAND – Mr. Davis
Our 5th grade band students have been doing a great job learning their instruments and music. For the week of March 16, I encourage students to practice songs 74, 80, 82, 83, and 86-88 in their book. Keep working hard!

Be sure record the amount of time you spend practicing and turn it in when we are back in school.
4th GRADE MUSIC – Mr. Davis
This year we have been learning to play recorders. Recorders can create a beautiful and rich sound when played together. Watch the following videos. Why do you think the recorders are all different sizes?
Video #1
Video #2
Video #3
For more music ideas, check out Mr. O’Neill’s video below!
MUSIC – Mr. O’Neill
Hi Families! 
During our time of remote learning, I will be posting YouTube videos with different ideas for the students to make and explore music while at home. These videos may include songs to sing along with, activities for students to build their music skills from in class, opportunities to make music on their own, and maybe even more! (We’re all figuring this out together, and it’s beautiful.)
This week in Episode 1, you can all try out an activity we did at school – making up a song based on a poem – and you can begin to explore Chrome Music Lab. If you have any questions, or your student wants to share their musical creation with me, please feel free to email me! The strong community of LCS is what makes it shine – let’s keep that going even from home!