Engaging the World for Jesus Christ – Now!

At Lansing Christian School we are passionate about student learning in the context of Christian faith. We consider it a high calling to educate and equip students to be able to engage the world for Jesus Christ, and join God in His transformational work in our communities and in our world.

If we are truly serious about our vision of equipping young men and women to engage the world for Jesus Christ through their education, our vision should be impacting HOW students learn in every part of a student’s education at LCS, not just the parts that are explicitly Christian. If we are serious about putting our vision into action, we need to give students the opportunity to practice engaging the world at school, through day-to-day learning in every classroom and in every discipline.

In cooperation with the LCS Board and Administration, a decision has been made to provide teacher training, sustainability, and growth in the school’s priority of faith and learning to advance our vision of equipping young men and women to engage and transform the world for Jesus Christ.

Teaching for Transformation

In August, 2018, Preschool – 12th grade teachers began Teaching for Transformation training under the direction of the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education and the Teaching for Transformation Network.

Teaching for Transformation (TfT) is not a curriculum; it is a learning framework with common practices that equip teachers to invite students to become engaged in God’s larger story, equipping them to play their unique role, and empowering them to apply knowledge and skills that meet real needs for real people.

Equipping our students to engage the world for Jesus is not just about life after graduation. It is about what we are doing right now. We look forward to sharing progress in our renewed commitment to faith and learning, and how students’ lives are impacted by engaging the world for Jesus Christ as part of their everyday learning at LCS.

by Wendy Hofman, Head of school