LCS Junior Class Trip to Gettysburg

In 1972, LCS took its first trip to Gettysburg with the junior US History class. Fifty-two years later, the trip continues to be a highly anticipated and beloved trip. Lansing Christian School juniors recently wrapped up their US history studies with a three-day trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, along with visits to other significant US memorials and sites.

As part of their US History curriculum, juniors learn about the Civil War firsthand by exploring battlefields and museums in Gettysburg, Harper’s Ferry, and the site of the pivotal battle of Antietam, Maryland. They memorize and recite the Gettysburg address in the very spot it was originally delivered by President Lincoln, reenact the Burnside Bridge Charge by running the bridge in Antietam, and visit and interact with many other significant sites of the Civil War. This annual trip is a great time for reinforcing what they have learned in the classroom as well as growing and learning together as a class.

This trip is one one students look forward to as they look ahead to their junior year, and is often shared by graduates as being one of the highlights of their time with classmates at Lansing Christian School.

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