Letting God’s Light Shine!


Throughout the Bible, Jesus used stories, also called parables, to teach valuable life lessons and help us understand how we can be more like Him.

In the same way, the students in the Lansing Christian School Creative Arts program utilize their God-given gifts and talents to bring stories to life, whether it be through choir, theatre, or even in the form of paintings or drawings.

Each student has a unique story to tell, and our strong creative arts program gives them the platform they need to express God’s creativity in their own ways.

An Integral Part of a Christian Education

In the same way that strong academic courses taught from a biblical worldview help students know how to look at the world through Christ’s perspective, a thriving creative arts program also plays an essential role in a well-rounded Christian education.

Excellence in the arts is reflected in what students create with their minds, with their hands, and with their voices. Giving students opportunities to express creativity through the visual arts, music, and drama is one of our main priorities.

How do we do this?

Creative Arts Opportunities

We hold middle school and high school creative art nights to celebrate students’ accomplishments, and students can choose from various class offerings and special opportunities such as:

  • Art Courses
    We offer various art courses beginning in kindergarten through high school. These courses, which grow more advanced at each grade level, give students a solid background in art history and delve into the various forms art can take, including digital art, like photography and video production.
  • Band and Choir
    Music options abound for all our students! Whether they choose to learn a musical instrument and join band, or whether they prefer using their voice to lift songs to the Lord through choir, music offers a wonderful outlet to express creativity. At the high school level, Concert Choir, Chorale, and High School Band are offered as prestigious, performance opportunities.
  • Theater
    Drama performances give students and teachers alike a common goal to work toward when pursuing excellence. We offer theater opportunities at the middle and high school level through participation in school plays. At the elementary level, students often participate in drama as part of their classwork and their chapel programs.

Let Your Child Shine Bright with God’s Creativity

Our Creative Arts program gives your child the chance to grow in their areas of God-given giftedness and to shine bright with the support of their teachers, friends, and family.

Is your child ready to shine God’s light at Lansing Christian School? Connect with us today to see for yourself the difference a strong creative arts program can make!