Remote Learning Update

A lot has changed in the last week and the COVID-19 outbreak is causing disruption in all areas of our lives. What I would like to communicate to you today is Lansing Christian School’s commitment to your children’s education and our commitment to partnering with you during this time of rapidly changing circumstances.

As schools everywhere have closed, LCS is fully operating as a mission-based school, actively providing Christ-centered learning that reflects Lansing Christian’s vision, mission and core values. LCS principals and teachers have developed a remote and distance learning plan that reflects our commitment to excellence, while also understanding of the importance of belonging and Christian community for all of our PreK-12 students. We plan to continually evaluate and adapt the learning plan as part of our commitment to excellence and our partnership with families.

While most parents will be playing a different role in their children’s education, LCS teachers are stillcommitted to playing the primary role in educating your childrenandpartnering withfamilies in new and different ways. We plan to honor our commitment to communicate well with LCS families.

Our vision calls us to equip young men and women to engage and transform the world for Jesus Christ. This may be a time like none other for us to live out that vision right here, in our own community.

Written by: Wendy Hofman, Head of School

Remote Learning Strategies

We have been gathering suggestions from outside resources and from our own community for remote learning strategies. Some students who have prior experience with homeschooling shared these tips:

  • Wake up at a reasonable and scheduled time each day.
  • Eating scheduled meals and getting dressed for school help with focus.
  • Make an organized schedule to stay on task.
  • Use the time you’d normally be at school to continue your learning.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Take breaks. Get outside. Get moving.
  • Use the regular school days well and take time to rest over the weekend.
  • Communicate with your teachers!