Michal (Kuyers) Getz, Registered Nurse–Class of 2012

by Melissa Keeley, Director of Development

When reflecting on what drew her to the field of nursing, Michal (Kuyers) Getz (’12) says, “I was attracted to nursing because I am a believer in being a public servant, and nursing seemed to be a direct (and employable) way to do that.” Since graduating LCS in 2012, Michal attended Calvin University where she studied nursing and psychology. After initially working on the Spinal Cord Injury Unit at Mary Free Bed Rehab Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI, Michal became interested in medical administration and is now a Risk and Patient Safety Specialist at the hospital and is looking forward to beginning graduate school this May to earn her Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law.

While Michal no longer works in direct patient care, she describes COVID-19 in the medical profession as a “wild ride.” She noted that “there have been dozens of administrative changes which have been required to keep a hospital going at a time like this. Patient safety is particularly complex as staff are stretched thin and new challenges are being posed that have never been posed before.”

Michal is grateful for her time at Lansing Christian School and for the role her teachers played in shaping her thinking and equipping her with the skills to succeed academically and professionally. This includes encouraging not just her academic abilities but also her gift of easily sharing who she is and relating to other people. Michal says it is her ability to connect with other people that has allowed her “to share my love, my beliefs, and my values with those around me in a welcoming manner.” It is this gift that Michal believes will guide her, not just in nursing, but in whatever vocation she pursues–allowing her to fulfill her calling to “work hard and be a light to truth in my community.”