Outdoor Learning at Lansing Christian School

By Nicole Hayhurst, LCS Preschool Teacher

In our preschool program, we want to engage our students in the world God made, and, as the body of Christ, love things that He loves, which is His creation. We teach our students to explore His creation through wonder and creativity. 

The outdoor program in preschool is on its way and we are excited to continue to see it grow and develop. We have taken our learning outdoors through activities such as finding natural materials and building letters, going on nature hunts, and comparing and measuring items from the environment. The goal is for our preschoolers in the outdoor program to be learning outdoors two days a week. 

The idea of the outdoor education program has been in the works since 2019. A full outdoor program takes time to build and it has been exciting to begin getting it off the ground. After touring a handful of schools in Michigan to learn more about their outdoor programs, it is evident that LCS has an amazing opportunity to have a robust program here. We are blessed to have two miles of walkable trails, multiple outdoor learning areas, and a newly completed amphitheater and pavilion. We are excited to expand the opportunities to educate our students in our beautiful outdoor campus and continue to support teaching and learning outdoors.

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