Jack – 11th grade

Jack – 11th grade

My favorite thing about LCS is

My favorite thing about LCS is that we can talk about God freely, because I never learned a lot about Christianity until I got here. People here have great experience and it has taught me a lot. I started learning to follow God and be an obedient son under his name. I have grown a lot and I am a fairly new believer. I am excited for school everyday.

My favorite teacher is:

My favorite teacher is Miss Joos, because she is a teacher who is super good at teaching. Although my grade is not that good, I still feel the time in her class is efficient and I learned a lot about Biology. Also, she cares about the way we live outside the class. She gave me a lot of advice in my life and I am grateful.

At LCS, I’ve learned that God is_________ and my faith has grown because:

At LCS I learned that God is the truth. He is merciful and loving. My faith has grown a lot because I felt the true existence of God and the fact that He loves us so much and sent Jesus to die for us. He took away my sin and made me perfect. A few months ago, when I first became a Christian, everything was peaceful and joyful, but right now the challenges have come and my life hasn’t been greatest. I know God still loves me and cares about me. Even though sometimes I don’t feel it, I know he is still there. Through the difficulties and changes in my life, I have grown a lot. God became more real to me and I learned a ton about what type of person I should become.

LCS is different than other schools or homeschooling because:

We can talk about God freely, and people care about other people. There are no small little groups fighting each other, compared to public school. And teachers here care about our life, not just our grades.

Going to school with friends and teachers who share my faith is:

It’s amazing to share my faith with people who are on the same page with me. I find peace and I think I found my home. I love to share my faith story with others and I am always trying to be the one God calls me to be. Also, there are so many people in this school who have great faith and they taught me a lot. When I was down, they pulled me up and encouraged me. They gave me hope and joy. It’s from Jesus, but He uses people around us to feel His love.

After LCS, I plan to:

I honestly have no idea, so I probably should start thinking about it. Maybe music.