Student Statesmanship Institute

The Student Statesmanship Institute (SSI) is a very dynamic hands-on legislative experience that provides students the opportunity to quickly learn to analyze data, practice critical thinking and develop team approaches while benefiting from a solid biblical worldview curriculum and instruction in debate and communications. It is the mission of SSI to come alongside parents and teachers to equip future leaders to be a light for Christ by reinforcing the responsibilities of Christian citizenship and applying biblical principles to real-life issues.

Outcomes include:

  • Greater realization of God’s destiny and purpose
  • Greater motivation to learn, study and become all God wants them to be
  • Greater ability to distinguish between secular and biblical approaches to life
  • Great application of biblical principles to every area of life
  • Greater understanding of their role in society as a Christian citizen
  • Develop practical skills of leadership, teamwork, critical and strategic thinking, debate and communication, and speech writing

The program stimulates the students to think deeply about the impact they can make in this world in the name of Jesus Christ. For more information on the program, click here.

The capstone of the SSI experience involves students assembling as a legislative body to debate their bills and cast their votes at the State Capitol in the Senate Chambers.