LCS Stories

JB – 7th Grade

  • My favorite club is Game club.
  • Something that I’m proud of is the relationships that I’ve made with people. The friendships I made taught me how to love, adapt, and care. I will never forget the people I have met at LCS.
  • My favorite subject is social studies. I love learning about world history and the rich cultures of the world.
  • I think something that makes me unique is how I can adapt to different environments. This was a tough skill for me to master when I was young, but God has taught me how to do the skills I can do now.
  • Mr. Call shows that he cares about anyone, not just me. We ALWAYS pray before we start class to remind us that God is always with us. He gives us many opportunities to correct our work and take ownership of our problems.
  • Quarantine struck me hard because I couldn’t go to church in-person. I know there was online church, but it wasn’t the same as going in-person. When we could go back, I still didn’t feel like I had the relationship with God I once had. I spent months pondering on what to do. Time flew and it was coming up to my first day at LCS. At my first LCS chapel, it was an amazing sight to see SO many people worship our God. At that moment, I could sort of feel The Holy Spirit fill me up.
  • LCS really shows that they care about the people who attend it. Kids should come here because LCS helps you grown in your faith with God.