LCS Stories

Joseph – 12th Grade

  • I’m involved in Cross Country, Pilgrim Post, and Student Council. I plan on getting involved in Track, Pilgrim Pals, and the Musical.
  • I’m proud of getting a 5 on the AP Chemistry test. It was a long, difficult class, but I enjoyed the content and Dr. LeCorn was always fun to learn under.
  • My favorite class is AP Biology. It’s simply amazing how all the living and teeming things go about their existence.
  • I love telling and writing stories! Mastering language to transport listeners and readers to worlds beyond imagination is one of my goals in life.
  • A good example of a caring teacher is Mrs. Hileman. She understands that her content, Math, is difficult to grasp, and spends extra time making sure we understand. She sets up math labs and is always ready to answer questions and help us through.
  • LCS has taught me the value of questioning. Jacob struggled with God, and He calls us to struggle with Him too. For, through struggle, comes growth.
  • LCS is incredibly involved in the upbringing of children from pre-school all the way up to Senior year. We’re not just here to learn facts, but to grow as people and develop who we are in a nurturing, yet willing-to-challenge, environment. No matter what I was going through, I always felt sure that someone, whether it be a fellow student or a faculty member, was there for me.