LCS Stories

Olivia – 1st Grade

  • I love the school because I can learn lots of Spanish and the Spanish teacher is very nice. There’s a girl in my class (from Spain) that can speak a little bit of English and a lot of Spanish.
  • I learned about God through all the stories about Mary, Jesus, Samson and all those (Bible people). Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem and the donkey didn’t go crazy. Then the second one was 30 pieces of silver for Judas, and the next was the Last Supper, but I forgot (that one).
  • What I’ve learned in school is to write better and draw better… and not rush but to slow down.
  • My teachers are very nice and care for us. They let us have (senior) buddies (in kindergarten) and I didn’t think my buddy was gonna be Alex, but guess who it was? Alex! That was nice! So that’s how Mrs. Person shows love and care.
  • I’m looking forward to (this year in) first grade because I heard that you get to make your own snacks. It’s really fun!
  • You might not know this but my brother’s in this school with me. He’s in 6th grade.